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And other hard things in life

When people have asked me how excited or how happy I am in the last few weeks I’ve been unable to give a super positive answer. Death, loss and the closing of seasons in our lives are uncomfortable things. I’ve found that by in large we, as a people group, have a hard time with these uncomfortable eventualities.

I have recently accepted a contract position working with the Walt Disney Studios system engineering department. This is an incredible opportunity, but it also means the closing of an incredibly wonderful season in my life. Working at Fuller for the past three years has been one of the most formational seasons of my life, both professionally and personally. I’ve developed deep friendships and connections to communities I never would have experienced otherwise. I’ve brushed up aginst cultures and perspectives that have forever changed my life’s path. For those reasons, and many more, I mourn this transition. Working with the folks at Disney is going to be a great new adventure, but for the moment I’m trying savor the time I have left in this excellent chapter. I’m mindful that these are the good ol’ days.

My team, the ITS family at Fuller, is filled with some of the most life-giving and passionate people I’ve ever met. I’ll miss Jim’s hilarious jokes and that sweet face he makes when he’s laughing deep. I’ll long for the deep and challenging conversations with Matt, the ideas and music that we’ve shared. There are no words to describe the loss It will be not laughing, experimenting, and jousting with one of my greatest friends - Victor - every day. Honestly, it’s a bummer writing this.. but it’s also a reminder that there has been SO much life lived within those walls. I could go on and on about Jeff, Genie, Helen, Ramon, Josh, Cory, Martha, April, Roger, Isabel, Nick, Wall, and all the other wonderful people I work with on a daily basis. The stories I’ve heard, sorrows shared, problems solved, and time spent will be something I think on fondly for many years to come.

To all the folks at Fuller, I wish you the very best. May the systems stay up, and the ticket numbers down.